ICYMI: Drink with Me Episode 3: Balcones Baby Blue

For those who missed it on Twitter, here's Episode 3 of Drink with me, in which Murdina Flummery and I drink a great American whisky from my favorite American Distiller, Balcones.

It's the Baby Blue Corn Whisky, made from Hopi Blue Corn and a lot of American ingenuity and, I don't mind saying it, love of great whisky.

Go get your bottle and drink along with us!


Drink with Me Episode 2: Teeling Single Grain

It's time for another episode of Drink with Me! Well, with me and my whisky side, Murdina Flummery.

Meanwhile, in the Temple Bar...

Meanwhile, in the Temple Bar...

This time, we drink Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey. Drink with Me is best listened to with your own fresh bottle of whatever we're drinking, or anyway, that's the idea. If you listen to podcasts in your car or if you're 12, do NOT do it that way. Just listen.

In this episode, we cover such burning topics as what's the whole issue with "whisky" versus "whiskey" and whether or not Teeling whiskey in particular has value as part of your dental hygeine routine.

Also, not wanting to do spoilers, but this is a great whiskey. If you're a whisky newb (or is it n00b?), this makes an awesome first step, but if you're a might whisky warrior (you know you picture yourself that way), you're going to like it too. 

So, with no further delay, subscribe or download from iTunes or just listen here.




Drink with Me...

Here's how this will work:

1. I'm going to pick a whisky.

2. It'll be good, it'll be something you can find most places (your mileage may vary), and it won't be overly expensive.

3. You go buy it.*

4. I recruit a drinking partner or two and we drink it, all the while recording our brilliant thoughts.

5. We turn this into a podcast.

6. You download that podcast.

7. You break open the whisky and, you guessed it, Drink with Me!

From the time I post the whisky we're drinking, I'll give you at least a week to get the whisky. 

Got it?

This week, my friend Murdina and I are drinking:

Glenfarclas 12 year

You can find it for purchase here, and of course, many other places. It's a spectacular piece of Whisky work and Murdina is just a piece of work. The results should be dramatic.

Stay tuned in a week or so for the podcast.