Drink with Me! Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon

In this episode, Jesus and Murdina drink the Pot Still Texas Bourbon offering from one of their faves, Balcones!

It's a high-rye (according to Jesus...no confirmation on mashbill from Balcones, but trust in Jesus on this one), grain-to-glass bourbon using real Texas Blue Corn, Texas Rye, Texas water and probably Texas glass for the bottles. It's a Tex-up! 2 years aged, good for cocktails, just as good neat.

Find out what just one listener can make Murdina do with the perfectly placed Twitter comment. Listen as Jesus and Murdina fish for attention for all their fan-boy and girling of Balcones...isn't it time Jared, the Balcones Master Distiller, at least shared his cool t-shirt collection with us?

Murdina rants about whisky stones, we discover how AM/PM is unexpectedly flying the flags of excellence and we share the best (and worst) date idea ever.

And of course, we drink a little Balcones Bourbon!

Drink with me! Glenmorangie Original

This time, Jesus and Murdina drink and discuss Glenmorangie Original. This is a very nice Scotch whisky from a great distillery, and you can tell because Jesus and Murdina seem to drink a lot of it. They walk you through the tasting, the whisky's history and whose probably going to like this whisky, and then proceed to explain the (totally fake) science behind a barrel of monkeys. Scottish ones. In charming little kilts. Also, and as a service to you, they cover Things You Can't Call Yourself...these are faux pas that you can't commit, so don't miss this episode. And somewhere about two or three drams in, Murdina reveals her candy pairing. It's spectacular.

Drink with Me! Kilchoman Machir Bay

Join Jesus and Murdina as they drink Kilchoman (pronounced "kill-hoe-man") Machir Bay. They cover the fascinating story of the first new distillery on the island of Islay in 124 years, as they celebrate Feis Ile (the mega-festival on Islay), which they couldn't actually attend this year. They try not to let that make them bitter...and they succeed!

Murdina shows off her Gringa Lass pronunciation of a variety of Scottish words, and Jesus advises against sticking your nose right into a whisky glass like "some kind of cartoon bird," right before he does it anyway. Murdina nearly has to call the paramedics.

Our former intern, Peet, is having her ups and downs at the sewing machine factory, poor thing. Bless her heart.

Jesus imagines the verbal threats hurled at sprouted barley before it gets dried and the best he can come up with is "You're going to be whisky, dummy!"

Murdina admits that she doesn't have any murdering experience, as such, but then reveals a childhood secret involving a pre-haunted house in her neighborhood...spooky!

Finally, Jesus and Murdina develop a no-miss competitor to Next Door, and need a little input from their worldwide listeners on what animals your neighbors are most freaked out about.

And they drink and discuss Kilchoman Machir Bay (plus a little note for the package designers. Constructive input, that's all)

Drink with Me , Highland Park Valkyrie

This time, American Whisky Jesus and King Arthur are drinking Highland Park Valkyrie! This is a slightly smoky, super flavorful, knockout of a whisky from masterful hands of Highland Park. Orkney Island representin'! Arthur and Jesus openly have no chill about how good this whisky is. Highland Park is on Orkney, which is closer to Norway than London, so this is the most Viking Scotch you can imagine. Arthur goes into great detail on who does and doesn't qualify for a ride from a Valkyrie when killed in combat and whether Gronk would get a ride if Arthur killed him in a bar fight. You can listen as Jesus comes to the gradual realization that his candy pairing is terrible and he should leave that to Murdina. We talk about what kind of a person would want to make other people drink arm and realize that whisky is vegetarian! And vegan! Finally, we end on a Jesus Confessional...this is a great whisky and we had a great time drinking it and talking about it. Pick up a bottle (skip the candy pairing) and drink along with us as we do!

Drink with Me, Maker's Mark Cask Strength

Episode 15. This time, Murdina and Jesus are drinking Maker's Mark Cask Strength Bourbon Whisky. After AWJ's recent trip to Kentucky and visits to 15 distilleries in Bourbon country, he and Murdina are talking bourbon. And drinking it too. After clearing up any basic confusion about bourbon vs scotch vs whisky, they move on to other exciting topics, such as whether it's possible to make bourbon by aging it inside the peglegs of influential pirates. (The answer is yes, if their legs are made of oak.) There's also an EPIC candy pairing. Really, Murdina almost dies of delight and Jesus only manages to save her by putting pipette drops of water into her mouth. It's a good one!