A Bit More and How to Reach Us

Guiding his children to the promised land of enjoying whisky...

American Whisky Jesus is all about spreading the good word that whisky is for enjoyment, should be enjoyed to the max, and that anybody (grown up, that is) should be welcome at the table to share a wee dram and talk.

If you want to join in, you can! Subscribe to the Drink with Me podcast, where American Whisky Jesus and his friends open a bottle of whisky and talk about what makes it so special. Along the way, you'll learn a bit, laugh some (especially as you drink more) and definitely get to know what kind of whisky you like.

Less a "whisky" expert and more an expert on guiding people to understanding and enjoying whisky, American Whisky Jesus is a friend to anyone, aficionado or beginner, who loves (or just wants to try) the incredible concoction known as whisky.

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