Drink with Me! Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon

In this episode, Jesus and Murdina drink the Pot Still Texas Bourbon offering from one of their faves, Balcones!

It's a high-rye (according to Jesus...no confirmation on mashbill from Balcones, but trust in Jesus on this one), grain-to-glass bourbon using real Texas Blue Corn, Texas Rye, Texas water and probably Texas glass for the bottles. It's a Tex-up! 2 years aged, good for cocktails, just as good neat.

Find out what just one listener can make Murdina do with the perfectly placed Twitter comment. Listen as Jesus and Murdina fish for attention for all their fan-boy and girling of Balcones...isn't it time Jared, the Balcones Master Distiller, at least shared his cool t-shirt collection with us?

Murdina rants about whisky stones, we discover how AM/PM is unexpectedly flying the flags of excellence and we share the best (and worst) date idea ever.

And of course, we drink a little Balcones Bourbon!

ICYMI: Drink with Me Episode 3: Balcones Baby Blue

For those who missed it on Twitter, here's Episode 3 of Drink with me, in which Murdina Flummery and I drink a great American whisky from my favorite American Distiller, Balcones.

It's the Baby Blue Corn Whisky, made from Hopi Blue Corn and a lot of American ingenuity and, I don't mind saying it, love of great whisky.

Go get your bottle and drink along with us!