Drink with Me, Maker's Mark Cask Strength

Episode 15. This time, Murdina and Jesus are drinking Maker's Mark Cask Strength Bourbon Whisky. After AWJ's recent trip to Kentucky and visits to 15 distilleries in Bourbon country, he and Murdina are talking bourbon. And drinking it too. After clearing up any basic confusion about bourbon vs scotch vs whisky, they move on to other exciting topics, such as whether it's possible to make bourbon by aging it inside the peglegs of influential pirates. (The answer is yes, if their legs are made of oak.) There's also an EPIC candy pairing. Really, Murdina almost dies of delight and Jesus only manages to save her by putting pipette drops of water into her mouth. It's a good one!

Drink with Me Episode 14: Macallan12 Year Old Triple Cask Matured

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to raise a Helper Monkey (or maybe Helper Monky, since we’re talking Scottish) who will respect your guard dog, or a Dirty Limerick by Murdina…

Or perhaps you actually want to find out more legit information about The Macallan’s excellent 12 Year Old Triple Cask Matured whisky, you’re in luck.

And of course, we’ve got the candy pairing that American Whisky Jesus called the best one yet!


Drink with Me Episode 8: Henry McKenna 10 Year Old Bourbon

Join me and King Arthur as we drink and discuss Henry McKenna 10 Year Old Bottled-in-Bond Straight Bourbon Whisky. Our first bourbon on the podcast, Henry McKenna is the Rick Astley of Bourbon, in that he won't give you up, let you down, run around or dessert you. I fill in for Murdina (who's on her annual skydiving trip) with the candy pairing, Art describes the time someone who looked exactly like him was mocking him and a fight ensued, and we go shopping for gangs for Art's kids to join. But you know, gangs that only dance fight. Also, we get a little negative talking about a whisky whose label is basically covered in lies...oh, if you're not sure what "bourbon" is and how it compares to "whiskey" or "scotch," never feel bad about not knowing! We'll talk you through it, and if you already do know those things, we talk about what 'bottled in bond' means. And if you know that too, just drink along anyway and enjoy...

Drink with Me Episode 2: Teeling Single Grain

It's time for another episode of Drink with Me! Well, with me and my whisky side, Murdina Flummery.

Meanwhile, in the Temple Bar...

Meanwhile, in the Temple Bar...

This time, we drink Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey. Drink with Me is best listened to with your own fresh bottle of whatever we're drinking, or anyway, that's the idea. If you listen to podcasts in your car or if you're 12, do NOT do it that way. Just listen.

In this episode, we cover such burning topics as what's the whole issue with "whisky" versus "whiskey" and whether or not Teeling whiskey in particular has value as part of your dental hygeine routine.

Also, not wanting to do spoilers, but this is a great whiskey. If you're a whisky newb (or is it n00b?), this makes an awesome first step, but if you're a might whisky warrior (you know you picture yourself that way), you're going to like it too. 

So, with no further delay, subscribe or download from iTunes or just listen here.




Stuff You Should Know about Whisky: What the hell is whisky, anyway?

I can practically hear Iain now: "If you're gonna be drinkin' it, you better know what it is!" (Imagine the comically enchanting Scottish accent in your head.)

Maybe it's best not to know what you're drinking sometimes...I mean, how much do you want to think about what milk actually is? But when it comes to whisky, you do want to know! When you're handed a mysterious liquid that you can set on fire*, you might have a wee question or two.

              Drink me... Damn right, Alice!

              Drink me... Damn right, Alice!

Unless you're an adventurous sort. In which case, hit me up. We should definitely drink together...

Anyway, whisky is mostly just two things: some kind of grain and water. Seriously, that's it. There's yeast too. It mixes with the water and grain to start the fermenting process, but ignore that. The yeast is part of whisky like the parsley garnish is part of a steak dinner. Technically, sure, parsley, you're in there, but please get out of steak and baked potato's light.

Scotch is the term for Scotch Whisky, which basically is just whisky made in Scotland and it's mostly made from barley. Bourbon is another kind of whisky, mostly made from corn. And there are others and there are blends and they all create a rainbow of whisky flavors. Kinda like the range of Chex cereal varieties

Whisky also needs one more ingredient, he said suddenly becoming non-literal about this whole thing: 


Whisky has to sit in barrels. The barrels are different, kinda like Chex cereal. Actually, not like Chex cereal at all. I don't know what made me think Chex was going to be some kind of perfect metaphor for everything.

It's more like if you've ever had a metal canteen full of water and by the end of the day, your water tastes like canteen. Except in this case, in a good way. The different woods that the barrels are made of and, you're going to like this, what USED TO BE in the barrel makes the flavor different.

That and how much time it spends in the barrel. 

So what's whisky?


*Some grain or grains 

*Yeast (happy, yeast?)

*Time in a barrel

And that it's, pretty much. The whole Flavor Rainbow of Whisky comes from those!

We'll continue the Stuff You Should Know about Whisky series in posts to come! You're good for now.


*This article covers "why you should set drinks on fire." I appreciate the spirit of this, though I also think that the question pretty much answers itself. Fire good.