Drink with Me Episode 14: Macallan12 Year Old Triple Cask Matured

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to raise a Helper Monkey (or maybe Helper Monky, since we’re talking Scottish) who will respect your guard dog, or a Dirty Limerick by Murdina…

Or perhaps you actually want to find out more legit information about The Macallan’s excellent 12 Year Old Triple Cask Matured whisky, you’re in luck.

And of course, we’ve got the candy pairing that American Whisky Jesus called the best one yet!


Drink with Me Episode 12: Springbank 10

In this episode, Murdina and Jesus drink Springbank 10 Year Old Scotch Malt Whisky, the first Campbeltown whisky in the Drink with Me podcast and the first whisky selected by Murdina herself.

Shockingly, Jesus and Murdina start with Serious Whisky Talk, educating themselves and you on Campbeltown, its history, what it means to be distilled 2 and a half times. They listen to folk music from Campbeltown, which is focused on wishing the local Loch was whisky rather than water. Still, it is legitimately Serious Whisky Talk.

Things devolve from there as they move on to the candy pairing, picked by Jesus this time. No spoilers, but you'll need to get yerself to Trader Joe's to pick it up.

Things devolve still further from there as they cover the inevitable rise in popularity of Sexy Mummies (not "mommies" but the gauze-wrapped bodies), Jesus demonstrates his skeptical drinking skills. They describe their plans for a Saltine Truck and the Be Hungry Restaurant, all to the brutal rhythms of the Oompah band. 

Finally, Murdina tries to pay Jesus in hugs, and he's ok with that.

Drink with Me Episode 9: Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition

In this episode, American Whisky Jesus and fan favorite, Murdina Flummery drink Jameson Irish Whiskey Caskmates, Stout Edition. This is the Jameson with a finish in a Stout barrel. We cover a lot of ground, including explaining Triple Distilling and what difference it makes, we imagine what Star Trek would be like if Scotty had been Irish instead of Scottish, we learn a couple weird things about Murdina, and we candy pair...What do you need to do? Buy yourself a bottle (if you're legal) of Jameson Caskmates, Stout Edition and a big bag of espresso beans enrobed in dark chocolate and join us!

Drink with Me Episode 4: Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2010

We'll be drinking Bruichladdich's truly impressive Islay Barley 2010. Here's how we play the game:

I go and buy a bottle of the whisky I choose (in this case, the Bruichladdich).

You (if you're legal), do the same.

I invite somebody awesome to drink it with me and talk about it, while we drink. You press 'play' on the podcast and drink along with us.  You can't talk to us, but at least we can imagine being together.

In this episode, Murdina ditched me and went on vacation, so I call in the never not funny Arthur, and we get into some mess...and quite a lot of good whisky. Let me tell you, there's nothing like taking down some fine whisky while simultaneously trying to be entertaining and cogent for a podcast to really find out about a person. And that's what we did. The result is, well, you take a listen. It's funny.

And the whisky of course was awesome.


Stuff You Should Know about Whisky: What the hell is whisky, anyway?

I can practically hear Iain now: "If you're gonna be drinkin' it, you better know what it is!" (Imagine the comically enchanting Scottish accent in your head.)

Maybe it's best not to know what you're drinking sometimes...I mean, how much do you want to think about what milk actually is? But when it comes to whisky, you do want to know! When you're handed a mysterious liquid that you can set on fire*, you might have a wee question or two.

              Drink me... Damn right, Alice!

              Drink me... Damn right, Alice!

Unless you're an adventurous sort. In which case, hit me up. We should definitely drink together...

Anyway, whisky is mostly just two things: some kind of grain and water. Seriously, that's it. There's yeast too. It mixes with the water and grain to start the fermenting process, but ignore that. The yeast is part of whisky like the parsley garnish is part of a steak dinner. Technically, sure, parsley, you're in there, but please get out of steak and baked potato's light.

Scotch is the term for Scotch Whisky, which basically is just whisky made in Scotland and it's mostly made from barley. Bourbon is another kind of whisky, mostly made from corn. And there are others and there are blends and they all create a rainbow of whisky flavors. Kinda like the range of Chex cereal varieties

Whisky also needs one more ingredient, he said suddenly becoming non-literal about this whole thing: 


Whisky has to sit in barrels. The barrels are different, kinda like Chex cereal. Actually, not like Chex cereal at all. I don't know what made me think Chex was going to be some kind of perfect metaphor for everything.

It's more like if you've ever had a metal canteen full of water and by the end of the day, your water tastes like canteen. Except in this case, in a good way. The different woods that the barrels are made of and, you're going to like this, what USED TO BE in the barrel makes the flavor different.

That and how much time it spends in the barrel. 

So what's whisky?


*Some grain or grains 

*Yeast (happy, yeast?)

*Time in a barrel

And that it's, pretty much. The whole Flavor Rainbow of Whisky comes from those!

We'll continue the Stuff You Should Know about Whisky series in posts to come! You're good for now.


*This article covers "why you should set drinks on fire." I appreciate the spirit of this, though I also think that the question pretty much answers itself. Fire good.