Drink with Me Episode 12: Springbank 10

In this episode, Murdina and Jesus drink Springbank 10 Year Old Scotch Malt Whisky, the first Campbeltown whisky in the Drink with Me podcast and the first whisky selected by Murdina herself.

Shockingly, Jesus and Murdina start with Serious Whisky Talk, educating themselves and you on Campbeltown, its history, what it means to be distilled 2 and a half times. They listen to folk music from Campbeltown, which is focused on wishing the local Loch was whisky rather than water. Still, it is legitimately Serious Whisky Talk.

Things devolve from there as they move on to the candy pairing, picked by Jesus this time. No spoilers, but you'll need to get yerself to Trader Joe's to pick it up.

Things devolve still further from there as they cover the inevitable rise in popularity of Sexy Mummies (not "mommies" but the gauze-wrapped bodies), Jesus demonstrates his skeptical drinking skills. They describe their plans for a Saltine Truck and the Be Hungry Restaurant, all to the brutal rhythms of the Oompah band. 

Finally, Murdina tries to pay Jesus in hugs, and he's ok with that.

Drink with Me...

Here's how this will work:

1. I'm going to pick a whisky.

2. It'll be good, it'll be something you can find most places (your mileage may vary), and it won't be overly expensive.

3. You go buy it.*

4. I recruit a drinking partner or two and we drink it, all the while recording our brilliant thoughts.

5. We turn this into a podcast.

6. You download that podcast.

7. You break open the whisky and, you guessed it, Drink with Me!

From the time I post the whisky we're drinking, I'll give you at least a week to get the whisky. 

Got it?

This week, my friend Murdina and I are drinking:

Glenfarclas 12 year

You can find it for purchase here, and of course, many other places. It's a spectacular piece of Whisky work and Murdina is just a piece of work. The results should be dramatic.

Stay tuned in a week or so for the podcast.