Drink with Me...

Here's how this will work:

1. I'm going to pick a whisky.

2. It'll be good, it'll be something you can find most places (your mileage may vary), and it won't be overly expensive.

3. You go buy it.*

4. I recruit a drinking partner or two and we drink it, all the while recording our brilliant thoughts.

5. We turn this into a podcast.

6. You download that podcast.

7. You break open the whisky and, you guessed it, Drink with Me!

From the time I post the whisky we're drinking, I'll give you at least a week to get the whisky. 

Got it?

This week, my friend Murdina and I are drinking:

Glenfarclas 12 year

You can find it for purchase here, and of course, many other places. It's a spectacular piece of Whisky work and Murdina is just a piece of work. The results should be dramatic.

Stay tuned in a week or so for the podcast.