Drink with Me Episode 6: Ardbeg 10

Ardbeg 10 is the epic flagship whisky of Islay distilling legend, Ardbeg. Although their brand is somewhat less known in the US than Lagavulin and Laphroaig (also both legendary), they do an amazing job.

Anyway, in this episode, Murdina and I drink and discuss Ardbeg 10, the core of the Ardbeg range, and truly a thing of beauty. As usual, Murdina provides a candy pairing and things occasionally get a little silly.

If you’re legal, go get yourself a bottle, get a friend and a couple of glasses and Drink with Me (I mean, us.)

Drink with Me Episode 5: Kaiyo Mizunara Oak

The time has come! If you haven't already, go on down to your local purveyor of fine spirits and pick up a bottle of Kaiyo Mizunara Oak Whisky. In this episode, we're drinking the cask strength version, but I'm actually recommending that YOU pick up this one.

This is an interesting one, with stories and quirks abounding including stories about fancy trees, journeys around the world, the A-team, and Murdina cursing a blue streak when she spills her drink. But we had fun drinking it and talking about it, and I think you will too.

Oh, and our first official Candy and Whisky pairing comes with this episode too. Are you ready?

Stop by a 7/11 and pick up a Payday bar to go with this whisky. By the end of the episode, we both would have figuratively killed an intern for one...poor Geoffrey.



Get Ready for the Next Drink with Me!

Drumroll please...

The next Drink with Me whisky is Kaiyo MIzunara Oak Whisky!

Here's how our podcast works: I pick a whisky and tell you about it. You go buy yourself a bottle (if you're legal of course) and drink along with me and my whisky co-conspirators, including the nearly-perfect-in-every-way Murdina Flummery.

Then, we publish the podcast and you drink it while we do!

This time, I'll admit I agonized over the choice. This is sorta, kinda a Japanese whisky, and it's got some quirks, but still, we had a good time drinking it and I think you will too.

The podcast will be out later this week, so stay tuned!

Drink with Me Episode 4: Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2010

We'll be drinking Bruichladdich's truly impressive Islay Barley 2010. Here's how we play the game:

I go and buy a bottle of the whisky I choose (in this case, the Bruichladdich).

You (if you're legal), do the same.

I invite somebody awesome to drink it with me and talk about it, while we drink. You press 'play' on the podcast and drink along with us.  You can't talk to us, but at least we can imagine being together.

In this episode, Murdina ditched me and went on vacation, so I call in the never not funny Arthur, and we get into some mess...and quite a lot of good whisky. Let me tell you, there's nothing like taking down some fine whisky while simultaneously trying to be entertaining and cogent for a podcast to really find out about a person. And that's what we did. The result is, well, you take a listen. It's funny.

And the whisky of course was awesome.


ICYMI: Drink with Me Episode 3: Balcones Baby Blue

For those who missed it on Twitter, here's Episode 3 of Drink with me, in which Murdina Flummery and I drink a great American whisky from my favorite American Distiller, Balcones.

It's the Baby Blue Corn Whisky, made from Hopi Blue Corn and a lot of American ingenuity and, I don't mind saying it, love of great whisky.

Go get your bottle and drink along with us!